Wordpad is free software that is available in all Microsoft operating systems.

This application is known as a  Rich text editor. that used to save their files in the rich text format.

We are saying the rich format that means it can insert images and make a format of the text.

Make format of the text means we can create text color, background color, Italic, Bold, Underline and strike.

We can create its graphical documentation by this application. For example, inserting the image, Inserting object and date and time, to make an attractive document.

Wordpad is free software.

 Wordpad is a text editor like the notepad, but having a feature to create graphical documents. In the same term, we use MS word that is an application of the MS Office suite. MS word has more features than Wordpad.MS Word is a paid application you have to pay to use this.


How Worpad looks like :

Below is the image that helps you to see the application look


We have shared the image of Wordpad application that is preinstalled in Windows 8 Operating System. So if you are using different operating systems it may different look of the application. It does not matter to use the Wordpad application.

 How to open word pad?

I think you are aware of the word pad, if not I will help you from the beginning.