In this article, we can understand how much required to save our file.

Saving a file is the most important task while you are using any application to create documents, images, or presentations.
If you forget to

save any things including the video file, document file, image file, or presentation file,

you will lose the step or data that you have done on the application.

We are sharing a few steps to save the document file in the Wordpad.
Wordpad is known as a text editor that is richer to a notepad text editor.

Below are the steps you can use it to save the document in Wordpad.

1. for the saving you have to work on the application, Open Wordpad in your computer
2. Click On File Menu, this menu is known as Wordpad Menu
3. Click on Save
4. A dialogue box will be displayed that is known as Save Dialogue Box.
5. Type Your file’s name
6.Select your location, where you like save the file

Note: Wordpad has RTF(Rich Text Format) as a default file type.

As we know this application known by MS Wordpad,

there is a shortcut key that is universal to save data in all Windows Operating System.

Universal Shortcut key to saving data