In the Worpad tutorial we will learn below lesson with deep information .

  1. What is Wordpad
  2. how to install wordpad
  3. How many version are available of wordpad
  4. Use of Wordpad
  5. How to open wordpad
  6. Opening a file in wordpad
  7. Want to close wordpad applications
  8. How to save application in wordpad
  9. How to select and text and lines
  10. Shortcut keys for wordpad
  11. Use of tools “How to use cut ,copy paste tools and its purpose”
  12. How to print wordpad files
  13. How to check print preview of wordpad
  14. Page setup for wordpad file]
  15. How to insert date and time in wordpad file
  16. Change font style of your text
  17. How to inset images in wordpad
  18. Insert object in wordpad
  19. how to insert paint drawing in wordpad ?
  20. Use of Home tab in wordpad
  21. Use of view button in wordpad


This course is helpful for student who is initially entering the Computer world. In the computer world that works on given instruction to get a proper result instantly