Wordpad have many versions .It is available upgarded and downgraded version of Wordpad that is totally depend on operating system’s version .

Each operating system that is developed by Microsoft definitely they have pre inbuilt software Wordpad that is known as popular Rich text editor.

 How to check version of wordpad ?

We are sharing a information as a example.

In the image there were showing the version of wordpad that is available in windows 8.1.

Wordpad Version Steps :

  1. Open wordpad Application
  2. Click on File Menu
  3. Click on about Wordpad

for reference below the image  of steps

Worpad Version in windows 8.1


Note : Version wordpad may be change as per operating system ,This is for your refference material you  can get more information about the wordpad please submit your comment

     Lesson 4 : Install Wordpad in windows ?