Wordpad :One of the Best free application to create a document file.


As we know Wordpad is a free software that is advanced than the notepad text editor.It is also known as a text editor, Wordpad allow you to insert images ,font style and colors , Wordpad have the image creation features that you can use to create image with the help of ms paint .Ms paint is a free application that is use to create the pictures.

Use for Graphical Document creation:

Free application

Wordpad is use for creating the graphical documents.Graphical documents help you to understand the word with their pictorial graph or symbol that was use to describe by words.

Wordpad one of the best and free application that is prebuilt in all operating system that were developed by Microsoft.

Extension of Wordpad:

This is known as Rich Text Editor.All the files which is created in Wordpad that saves in the extension of .rtf

RTF extend for rich text format.

Features of the Wordpad:

Wordpad have the options like below mentioned

  1. Wordpad Button
  2. Quick Access Tool Bar
  3. Title Bar
  4. Ribbon
  5. Ruler Bar
  6. Status Bar
  7. Text Area
    Note: Each Tool bar have the different different feature , we will describe this in upcoming lessons .Stay connected with us and enjoy learning