The process to close Wordpad applications.

In the MS Word how to close the file We have to follow the step to close the Wordpad file.

Definitely you can close any file after reading this article


Let’s learn the step to close the Wordpad file.

 Note: Don’t forget to save the file before closing. It will lose the data that you have typed in Wordpad application to creating the graphical documents.


Wordpad allows you to close the file that is opened in Wordpad.

 Wordpad ke lesson


  1. First, of first you have to open Wordpad Application, that maybe you have opened, if you not, please open Wordpad

        2. After opening the Wordpad you have to click on File menu that is known as Wordpad Menu


      3. From the menu, you have to click on Exit Button or you can try the shortcut keys to close the Wordpad File that is             Universal Shortcut to close windows Applications  (ALT+ F4)


       4. You can also try the close button that is available on the right side in the Title Bar.


What you have learned?

⦁ You have learned how to close the Wordpad file?
⦁ You have learned the universal key to close any application?
⦁ How to open the file in Wordpad?