How to open a Wordpad file in Windows Computer?

For opening the Wordpad file we will learn in detail step by step. Wordpad as we know that is a text editor that can open only text files or documents.

Note: “Any File can be open with the help of related application if the file is already saved in the computer.”

The opening file is a process to open a file after opening the application.

It means you have to open your Wordpad application on the computer.

Steps to open Wordpad file in Wordpad application :

  1. First, of first we have to run Wordpad application,
  2. We can take suggestion: how to run WordPad in windows computer

  3. To open Wordpad file we have to click on Worpad Menu that is also known as File Menu


3. You have to click on open from the menu list .or you can use the shortcut key to open any file CTRL + O

4. After clicking on open you will see the open dialogue box, you have to search which file you want to open in Wordpad.

5. After searching the file you have to select the file name or double click on the filename

What you have learned?

In this chapter, you have gained a knowledge by which you can open any files with the help of the related applications.

CTRL +O is a universal shortcut key in windows to open any files.