In Wordpad Document we have to use cut, copy feature, We require to select text, text group, or images.

In the MS Wordpad, we can use many ways to select the text, sentences, or images.

We can use the below medium to select the text.
1. By Keyboard Use
2.By mouse Use

How to select text by Keyboard Use ?

The best way to select text to use of Keyboard, By selecting keyboard you should aware of shortcut keys that will be more helpful.
Step #1:
1.Open Application(Wordpad) ,In which you want to select your text.
2.You should click by Mouse which line or text you want to select ,or you can try to use arrow key.
3.After that you can use left or right arrow with shift key to select the text.
4.CTRL+ A is a universal key that help you in Windows Operating system to select all the things ,like images, text or any file .
5.You can use shift key with use of home, end or page down key select from starting to ending or page selectinon

Select Image or Text by Mouse

You can use the mouse to select the paragraph or images in the Wordpad document.
It’s a pretty way to select things and save the time, for this concept you have to use click.
Follow the below step

Which text or image you want to select, please double click on text.

If you want to select the paragraph , you should triple click on starting of the paragraph.
By this step you can select the paragraph.

What you have learned?

In this article, you have learned a universal shortcut key to select document, text image, or file.
You have learned to select text use of mouse double click or triple Click key and keyboard.