Tuesday, March 1, 2016

General Awareness Quiz - 5 For Competitive Exams

This set contains Question of General Awareness that can be asked in exams like SSC CGL, IBPS PO, IBPS clerk, RRB etc. General Awareness section is contained in every competitive exam whether it is Banking exam or SSC.

Q.1 : 'Jay Jawan, Jay Kisan' slogan was given by
a. Indira Gandhi
b. Lal Bahadur Shastri
c. Mahatma Gandhi
d. Jawahar Lal Nehru

Q.2 : The Rajasthan canal takes water from the river
a. Ravi
b. Ghaghara
c. Yamuna
d. Sutlej

Q.3 : International Women's Day is celebrated on
a. March 8
b. May 27
c. January 9
d. April 7

Q.4 : Which of the following has a negative value of the coefficient of thermal expansion?
a. Wood
b. Iron
c. Copper
d. Aluminium

Q.5 : Who composed Ain-e-Akbari?
a. Farista
b. Abul Fazal
c. Ibn Batuta
d. Birbal

Q.6 : Where will the Olympics 2008 be held?
a. China
b. Greece
c. Italy
d. France

Q.7 : Which of the following is a non-poisonous snake?
a. Cobra
b. Dryophis
c. Python
d. Russell's Viper

Q.8 : Which one among the following fuels is used in gas welding?
a. LPG
b. Ethylene
c. Methane
d. Acetylene

Q.9 : Sodium metal should be stored in -
a. Alcohol
b. Kerosene oil
c. Water
d. Hydrochloric acid

Q.10 : The word 'vaccination' has been derived from a latin word which relates to -
a. Cow
b. Pig
c. Horse
d. Dog

Q.11 : Which one of the following is used in making lead pencils?
a. Charcoal
b. Graphite
c. Coke
d. Carbon black

Q.12 : Which one of the following is a micronutrient present in the soil for various crops?
a. Calcium
b. Manganese
c. Magnesium
d. Potassium

Q.13 : Which one of the following diseases in humans can spread through the air?
a. Dengue
b. Tuberculosis
d. Goitre

Q.14 : The Arjuna Awards were instituted in the year
a. 1957
b. 1964
c. 1965
d. 1961

Q.15 : Which is the largest living bird on Earth?
a. Albatross
b. Emu
c. Ostrich
d. Siberian Crane

Q.16 : Nobel Prizes are not given for which of the following fields?
a. Music
b. Peace
c. Chemistry
d. Physics

Q.17 : Hathigumpha inscription is attributed to which of the following emperors?
a. Kharavela
b. Ashoka
c. Chandragupta II
d. Samudragupta

Q.18 : The capital of Kosala kingdom was -
a. Ujjain
b. Ujjain
c. Ayodhya
d. Kausambi

Q.19 : In which State is the religious festival Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated with gusto?
a. Gujarat
b. Rajasthan
c. Madhya Pradesh
d. Maharashtra

Q.20 : Which of the following combinations of the States and the festivals mainly celebrated there is not correct?
a. Uttar Pradesh - Krishna Janmashtami
b. Rajasthan - Gangaur
c. Gujarat - Durga Puja
d. Maharashtra - Ganesh Chaturthi


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