Wednesday, February 3, 2016

General Awareness Quiz - 4 For competitive Exams

This set contains Question of General Awareness that can be asked in exams like SSC CGL, IBPS PO, IBPS clerk, RRB etc. General Awareness section is contained in every competitive exam whether it is Banking exam or SSC.

Q.1 : DNA in a cell is a -
a. Amino acid
b. Fatty acid
c. Carboxylic acid
d. Nucleic acid

'Q.2 : Purna Swaraj' was announced in the Indian National Congress Session of -
a. Nagpur
b. Karanchi
c. Calcutta
d. Lahore

Q.3 : hich of the following is usually not an air pollutant?
a. Nitrous oxide
b. Hydrocarbons
c. Sulfur dioxide
d. Carbon dioxide

Q.4 : The rootless plant is -
a. ginger
b. lemon
c. lemna
d. banana

Q.5 : Sahara Desert is in the continent of -
a. Africa
b. Asia
c. Europe
d. America

Q.6 : Which schedule of the constitution of India describes the allocation of seats in the council of states?
a. Fourth
b. Third
c. Tenth
d. Eighth

Q.7 : Winner of Nobel prize 2013 for literature is -
a. Allen Munro
b. Lars Peter
c. Robert Shiller
d. Eugene Fama

Q.8 : Who won the men's Italian Tennis open 2014?
a. Rafael Nadel
b. Novak Djokovic
c. Donna Vekic
d. Dominika Cibulkova

Q.9 : In drinking water number of coli form bacteria should not exceed -
a. 0/100 ml
b. 1/100 ml
c. 10/100 ml
d. 100/100 ml

Q.10 : Which country emerged as third largest economy of the world in 1011 in terms of the purchasing power parity according to world Bank report released on 29th April, 2014?
a. Japan
b. China
c. India
d. Russia

Q.11 : Which state of India has declared 'Mallkhamb' as its state sports?
a. Maharastra
b. Madhya pradesh
c. Delhi
d. Karnataka

Q.12 : Seeds are not enclosed in fruits in -
a. monocotyledons
b. gymnosperms
c. angiosperms
d. dicotyledons

Q.13 : The bacteria capable of converting nitrite to nitrate is -
a. Pseudomonas
b. Nitrosomonas
c. Nitrococcus
d. Nitrobacter

Q.14 : Who addresses the joint sessions of the parliament?
a. The Chairman of Rajya Sabha
b. The Lok Sabha Speaker
c. The President
d. The Prime Minister

Q.15 : Which one of the following is used in making pencils?
a. Black ash
b. Graphite
c. Charcoal
d. Bone black

Q.16 : London is situated on the Banks of river -
a. Tigris
b. Thames
c. Tiber
d. Danube

Q.17 : The India recipient of Nobel Peace Prize is -
a. Mother Teressa
b. Amartya Sen
c. Hargovind Kurana
d. Rabindra Nath Tagore

Q.18 : ATM means -
a. Automated Teller Machine
b. Any Time Money
c. All Time Money
d. Automatic Teller Machine

Q.19 : The first Muslim Woman ruler of India was -
a. Begum Hazarat Mahal
b. Noorjahan
c. Chandabibi
d. Sultan Raziya

Q.20 : What kind of data can you send by e-mail?
a. Audio
b. Video
c. Pictures
d. All of the above


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