Monday, February 8, 2016

13 GK Audio Lectures For SSC, RRB NTPC (Lucent)

we all find really hard time to remember gk, particularly Lucent is the hardest book to remember i have ever read!! (Don't get disappointed with this, you can always use GK Tricks) One more solution to remember these highly packed information in GK is to hear them, here we will provide you some of the best GK Audio files. 

History Medieval India Audio File mp3
Language : Hindi,
Time : 11 Minute,
Download Link : Click here

Lucent Chemistry Audio File mp3
Language : Hindi,
Time : 14 Minute,
Download Link : Click Here

Lucent Biology Audio File
Language : Hindi,
Time : 12 Minute,
Download Link : Click here

Facts to Remember About India Audio File
Language : Hindi,
Time : 8 Minute,
Download Link : Click Here

Facts About India Railway, (Very Important for upcoming RRB NTPC 2016 Exam)
Language: Hindi,
Time: 16 Minute
Download Link: Click Here

Sports Related Facts ( Important For SSC, RRB NTPC, IBPS and other exams)
Language: Hindi,
Time: 19 Minute,
Download Link : Click Here

General Knowledge Misc
Language: Hindi
Part-1 : Link-1 , Link-2
Part-2 : Link-1 , Link-2 , Link-3
Part-3 : Link-1 , Link-2 , Link-3
Part-4 : Link-1 , Link-2
Part-5 : Link-1 , Link-2
Part-6 : Link-1 , Link-2

Part-7 : Link-1 , Link-2

All the links are tested by us, if anyone doesn't work comment here and we will provide you that file. Friends these audio lectures are very helpful, download them make a playlist in you mobile phone and listen them while doing other day to day tasks, your success is sure.

Disclaimer: these audios are not recorded by us, we have collected links from various internet sources.