Sunday, January 31, 2016

Trick to add time (For Numerical Aptitude section)

Hi friends, while solving examples from clocks, some people find it hard to add hours and minutes together. So we have come up with a method to do the same.

Let's add 2 hr and 35 minutes and 4 hr 55 minutes together.
Process to do is,
Think the 2 hr 35 minutes as one number, which will give us 235 and do the same for the other number, 4 hours 55 minutes, giving us 455.
Now add these two numbers together:
235 + 455 = 690.

What you need to do next is,  add the time constant of 40 to the result.
690 + 40 = 730
So we can now see our answer is 7 hrs and 30 minutes!

Remember to add 40 to the sum, regardless of given quantity. This trick will save your time during your upcoming Railway NTPC and SSC examination.


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