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IBPS IT Officer One-Liners (Part-8) Last Part

We are proud to complete this series on one-liners for IBPS IT Officers. In this 8 part series we presented you 424 technical one-liners that will be useful to you in solving MCQs. You can also refer these one liners for another exams which have similar syllabus like Railway Recruitment Board(RRB) posts for Computer/IT Officers.

IT Officer Study Materials. One Liners to Solve MCQs.

  1.  In Dos, the “Label” command is used to display the label of disk
  2.  SRAM uses a clock to synchronize a memory chip’s input and output signal
  3.  Commercial TV is an example of distributive services with user control
  4.  “.TIF” extension name stands for tagged image format
  5.  A cluster represents a group of sectors
  6.  Peer to peer means computer to computer
  7.  Digitizers can be converted from “dumb” to “smart” through the addition of a microprocessor
  8.  The server on the internet is also known as gateway
  9.  Half-duplex transmission techniques let computer to alternatively send and receive data
  10.  VBScript can perform calculation of data
  11.  In the datagram approach to packet switching, each packet of a message follows the same path from sender to receiver
  12.  Flow control in OSI model is done by transport layer
  13.  Storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to as non-volatile storage.
  14.  Most appropriate data structure in C to represent linked list is array
  15.  Kernel is the only art of an operating system that a user cannot replace or modify
  16.  A slow memory can be connected to  by using READY
  17.  The storage capacity of a CDROM is 700 MB
  18.  DMA module can communicate with CPU through cycle stealing
  19.  In C++, predefined functions are organized into separate libraries
  20.  A series of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to do it is called a program
  21.  RFC stands for request for comment ( another one is Radio Frequency Communication)
  22.  For communications, wide area networks use special purpose telephone wires and fiber optic cables and microwaves
  23.  A microprocessor is a processor with a reduced instruction set and power requirement
  24.  A multithreaded program uses multiple processes
  25.  The word size of a microprocessor refers to the amount of information that can be stored in the byte
  26.  HTTP in URL stands for hyper text transfer protocol
  27.  Digital signatures use encryption for authenticating
  28.  Six types of heading are available in HTML
  29.  Workstation is single user computer with many features and good processing power
  30.  Analog-digital conversion type needs sampling of a signal
  31.  Mainframes network where a huge computer does all computing and front end PCs are dumb terminals
  32.  In OSI model reference, layer 2 lies in between the physical layer and the network layer
  33.  A CPU has two modes- privileged and non-privileged. In order to change the mode from the privileged to the non-privileged, a software interrupt is needed
  34.  We can define hypertext definition in notebooks using Macsyma .
  35.  Mother board holds the ROM, CPU, RAM and expansion cards
  36.  FOXPRO is a package and programming language
  37.  Program of a computer presented as a sequence of instructions in the form of binary numbers is called machine language
  38.  In html coding <p> …… </p> tag is used to display a paragraph
  39.  FSK is most affected by noise
  40.  Intensity of sound is called amplitude
  41.  Top-bottom approach can not be the measure of network traffic
  42.  A compiler breaks the source code into a uniform stream of tokens by lexical analysis
  43.  A 8-bit microprocessor must have 8 data lines
  44.  Macro is used to automate a particular task or a series of tasks
  45.  Machine language programs are machine dependent
  46.  The liquid crystal display works on the basis of the relation between polaristion and electric field
  47.  A database management system is a software system used to create, maintain and provide controlled access to a database
  48.  In a relational database, table is a data structure that organizes the information about a single topic into rows and columns
  49.  Data integrity means that the data contained in the database is accurate and reliable
  50.  In UNIX, command “! $” is used to repeat entire less command line
  51.  LRU is a page replacement policy used for memory management
  52.  In C++ coding, Cout<<”tent”; is used to display character or strings or numeric screen
  53.  Magnetic tape is not practical for applications where data must be quickly recalled because tape is a sequential access medium
  54.  X.25 LAPP uses a specific subset of HDLC protocol
  55.  A set of devices or combination of hardware and software that protects the systems on one side from system on the other side is firewall
  56.  VRML code is based on Unicode
  57.  The binary number system has a base 2
  58.  High-level languages are developed to allow application programs, which are machine independent
  59.  PCI bus is often called as mezzanine bus
  60.  In C++ programming, the command to save the program file is F3
  61.  A CPU has a 16-bit program counter. This means that the CPU can address 64 K memory locations
  62.  COBOL stands for common business oriented language
  63.  Data on a floppy disk is recorded in rings called tracks
  64.  A topology of computer network means cabling between PCs
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