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IBPS IT Officer One-Liners (Part 6)

  1. Storage unit provide storage for information and instruction
  2. Digital signature: Encrypted signature used for providing security for the messages/data transferred through the internet
  3. Adder is a logic circuit capable of forming the sum of two or more quantities
  4. Bubble sort technique does not use divide and conquer methodology
  5. DBMS: An acronym for the database management system. A program that maintains and controls the access to collection of related information in electronic files
  6. 80386 is a 32-bit processor
  7. Acknowledgement from a computer that a packet of data has been received and verified is known as ACK
  8. Small application programs that run on a Web page and may ensure a form is completed properly or provides animation are known as flash
  9. A goal of normalization is to minimize the number of redundancy
  10. Ada language is associated with real time processing
  11. When we run a program in HTML coding, notepad is used as backend and internet explorer works as front end
  12. Digital signals used in ISDN have discrete values
  13. The most advanced form of ROM is electronically erasable programmable ROM (EEPROM)
  14. POST stands for power on self test
  15. The clown command in UNIX changes home directory of a user
  16. The part of a machine level instruction which tells the central processor what has to be done is an operation code
  17. The environment provided to ASP is based on Client/server
  18. Presentation layer of the OSI reference model is concerned with the syntax of data exchanged between application entities
  19. Distributed operating system uses network facility
  20. The term used as a measurement of a communication channel’s data capacity is bandwidth
  21. A local storage register in the CPU which contains the address of the next instruction to be executed is referred as address register
  22. RING topology is least affected by addition/remove of a node
  23. The ability to combine data and operations on that data in a single unit is known as polymorphism
  24. Virtual memory is memory on the hard disk that the CPU uses as an extended RAM.
  25. In a SONET system, an add/drop multipliers removes noise from a signal and can also add/remove headers
  26. A small computer program embedded within an HTML document when a user retrieves the web page from a web server is called an applet
  27. Cycle-stealing type of DMA transfer will operate when a CPU is operating
  28. The time between program input and outputs is called execution time
  29. IMAP (Internet message access protocol)
  30. Kernel of MS-DOS software resides in ROM
  31. Data link layer of OSI reference model provides the service of error detection and control to the highest layer
  32. RAM provides the quickest access to data
  33. HUB is layer1 device, central device, dumb device
  34. The scope of an identifier refers to where in the program an identifier is accessible
  35. Cryptography: Method used to protect privacy and security on the internet
  36. Secondary storage device is needed to store large volumes of data and programs that exceed the capacity of the main memory
  37. System software often uses the ROM BIOS
  38. X.21 is physical level standard for X.25
  39. A router is a device that sites between your internal network and the internet and limits access into and out of your network based on your organization’s access policy
  40. Usually security in a network is achieved by cryptography
  41. Assembly language programs are written using Mnemonics
  42. RDBMS is an acronym for relational database management system
  43. The first network that initiated the internet was ARPANET
  44. A data ware house is one that organizes important subject areas
  45. In programming language, Null point is used to tell end of linked list
  46. Steganography is hiding the data but not necessarily making it invisible and not easily detectable
  47. Data processing cycle consists of input cycle, output cycle and processing cycle
  48. The objective of multiprogramming operating system is to maximize CPU utilization
  49. In a binary tree, each comparison is drawn as a circle, called a node
  50. Dynamic binding is associated with object oriented programming
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