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IBPS IT Offcer One-Liners (Part-7) Download Pdf

  1.  A watch point is associated with debugger
  2.  The result of arithmetic and logical operations is stored in an accumulator
  3.  Checking that a pin code number is valid before it is entered into the system is an example of data validation
  4.  Building a list in a backward manner, a new node is always inserted at the beginning of the list
  5.  A unique number assigned to a process when the process first starts running is PID
  6.  Row-level security is the most basic part for database security
  7.  For multiple branching in ‘C’ we use switch statement
  8.  A computers system’s clock speed is measured as frequency
  9.  The number of wires in IDE Hard Disk cable are 16
  10.  During the normal PC boot process, ROM BIOS is active first
  11.  DHTML stands for dynamic hyper text markup language
  12.  Library management software is for documenting the changes that are made to program and controlling the version numbers of the programs
  13.  A RAID is a disk array
  14.  Virtual memory system allows the employment of the full address space
  15.  The memory address sent from the CPU to the main memory over a set of wires is called address bus
  16.  Telnet helps in remote login
  17.  A database is an organized collection of data about a single entity
  18.  The data in 8-bit bus is sent along 8 wires simultaneously in parallel
  19.  Main protocol used on internet is TCP/IP
  20.  Using HTML, Frontpage, DHTML we can make web-site
  21.  EDO stands for external data organizer
  22.  Table, form, queries, reports, macros, modules are objects in an access database
  23.  X.21 protocol consists of only physical level
  24.  Granting an outside organization accesses to internet web pages is often implemented using an extranet
  25.  Control words are words that a programming language has set aside for its own use
  26.  An image in a webpage can be aligned left and right using HTML coding
  27.  Organization would prefer in-house development of software to ensure that the development adheres to defined quality
  28.  Assembly language is low-level language
  29.  Office LANs that are spread geographically apart on a large scale can be connected using a corporate WAN
  30.  BCD stands for binary coded decimal
  31.  CBT: Computer based training
  32.  Crossbar switches have common control
  33.  A collection of related files is called record.
  34.  Pentium chip has 64 bit & 32-bit registers
  35.  The computer’s secondary memory is characterized by low cost per bit stored
  36.  Network components are connected to the same cable in the bus topology
  37.  The place where the standard interfaces are provided to connect to the CPU and Memory is known as Port
  38.  In a start topology, if there are n devices in network, each device has n-1
  39.  Telephone number, zip code is defined as a numeric field
  40.  TIF stands for tagged image format
  41.  To avoid the wastage of memory, the instruction length should be of word size which is multiple of character size
  42.  Assembler is a translator which translates assembly language program into a machine language program
  43.  Microcomputer hardware consists of three basic categories of physical equipment system unit, input/output, memory
  44.  The maximum and minimum unsigned number which can be stored in a 8-bit word is 0 and 255
  45.  Jon Von Neumann developed stored-program concept
  46.  Modifying algorithms that change the order of the elements, not their values, are also called modifying algorithms
  47.  A 4-bit ring counter is initially loaded with 1001
  48.  A program that converts a high-level language program to a set of instructions that can run on a computer is called a compiler
  49.  Fiber optics cable supports data rate up to 100 Mbps to 2 Gbps
  50.  Dialog control is a function of the presentation layer
  51.  NFS stands for Network file system
  52.  Trojan horse is self-replicating malicious code independent of the action of the user, but slow down the processor on entering a network
  53.  Traversal process is faster for threaded trees compared with their unthreaded counterparts
  54.  CMOS contains the computer BIOS and maintains its data with the use of a battery for periods when the system is powered down
  55.  The base of the hexadecimal system is sixteen
  56.  Checking that a pin code number is valid before it is entered into the system in an example of data validation
  57.  The owner of a process is user that invokes the process
  58.  ALU is a part of the CPU
  59.  A character that retains its value during program execution is constants
  60.  Bandwidth means channel capacity amount of data following via cables and measure of speed

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