Monday, November 2, 2015

Tips to increase your productivity

"Plan a Holiday OR off-work day OR weekly off"

Here productivity means how efficiently you are spending time. For you, how much knowledge you gained each single day!!! This seems a silly idea, right? Some of you won't even believe it can help. But let me explain. 

I am a blogger and need to spend lots of time on laptop to manage this website, and i also face this productivity issues!! Blogging very similar to exam preparation in many aspects. Both exam preparation and blogging are continuous jobs, means we do it round-o-clock. (For all other full time jobs, you get you get holiday) 

I think of ideas of blogging throughout my day in the background while doing routine day to day work. While This continuous process helps me to get more things done per day, this has a disadvantage that eventually your mind will get baffled. So to recharge your full potential again you need a predetermined/predefined weekly off!! It's like restarting a computer of mobile when it starts to hang. 

Let's see how can you implement it effectively. You don't always have to take a full day off, you can take an evening off on any week days. Like on every Sunday, after 5 pm you will stop reading and even will not think about examinations. 

This scheduled holiday, gives your mind clear vision. On Monday, you will wake up with a joy of enjoying Sunday. Your mind will again be filled with enthusiasm. On the other side, after 4 to 5 days, say on Friday you know that you are gonna have off day in two days and this feeling also motivates to work. 

Without holidays, your unconscious mind will start to believe that you are going to read forever!! And this kills productivity. 

Implement this in your life at least for two weeks and you will start feeling the difference. Share your personal experience to help other readers in comments. 


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