Saturday, November 21, 2015

Interview Dresscode OR What to wear on Interview day

You have already prepared hard for theory exams. And that's the reason why you are one of that lucky people who gets selected for an interview. We need to get dressed properly on two days on marriage day and on interview day.

When we see other people we make some assumptions based on their first impression in our mind. And that first impression always matters, though our opinion change after we know someone better, but still first impression matter. The same theory is true for interviewer too.

Keep in mind the simple rule. One the interview day, you don't need to look different ( like aliens) from the crowd, at the same time your appearance must not lag with other people. So best practice is to wear what is the industry standard. Let's go in detail.

For IBPS Interview, the interviewer will be a typical banker.  So he would like to see the banker in you.  Now remember how bankers dress themselves day to day?

For Boys/Men.

Clothing: Clearly avoid jeans, wear dark coloured formal trouser. With black formal shoes (no sports, canvas shoes) and preferably dark coloured socks. (Socks doesn't matter much but still wear dark color). Your belt should also be somewhat professional in brown or black colour. (avoid light colour belt like white cream)
You should wear a light colour shirt, preferably plain or straight vertical line designs. Avoid bigger checked designs or printed shirts.
Also, keep in mind that slim-fit branded shirts that are plain are not formal. Formal shirt has a regular fit and that's very important. As in slim fit ready made shirts you will look like a teenager, Interviewer generally looks for matured man!!!!

Hair: Get neatly combed hairs and put something in hair oil or hair cream but not hair gel. Get a hair cut 5-6 days before the interview date. Don't go for a haircut on one day before. Have cleaned shave, no style. Get nail cut also a day before.

For Girls/Womens

Clothing: Better to wear salwar or sari as per tradition in your state. Choose a light colour that suits professional bankers. Keep in mind that don't dress like engineers it's not IT interview where you can go in t-shirts. 

Accessories: Don't wear extraordinary accessories, watch and single bracelet would be fine. but the design should be like teenagers (e.g. friendship belt). Bangles which make noise can be distracting. Noise making sandals should be avoided.
Actually girls are much aware of their looks and they don't need much advice!!!

One last thing, No perfume on Interview day. (If you still wanna spray, then spray something very light)

After reading the article, you have a basic idea of what will be best for you. Keep it simple and make some modification related to your geographical area to your interview dress. Clothes you wear should be comfortable to you, it's important for you to answer peace minded.

Did I miss something? Please share your views in comments that will motivate me.


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