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IBPS IT OFFICERS Preparation Guide : ONE-LINERS (PART-3) (Study Materials)

Hi Engineers, we have prepared another list of 50 one liners. So total of 150 one liners are ready. Read the first two parts if you haven't.

  1. Information travels between components on the motherboard through buses.
  2. In programming languages the key word “Void” means it does not return any value when finished
  3. PSTN stands for public switched telephone network
  4. If there are 5 routers and b networks in an internet work using link state routing, there will be 5 routing tables
  5. Time sharing is a mechanism to provide spontaneous interactive use of a computer system by many users in such a way that each user is given the impression that he/she has his/her own computer
  6. Direct or random access of element is not possible in linked list
  7. The purpose of the EXIT command is to get out of a condition loop
  8. The UNIX operating system has been written in C language
  9. In C++, private, protected, and public are reserved words and are called member access specifiers
  10. The primary goal of ISDN is the integration of voice services and non-voice services
  11. If multiple programs can be executed at the same time, it is distributed operating system
  12. Memory allocation at the routine is known as dynamic memory allocation
  13. PCM is an example of analog to digital
  14. Database is known as structured data
  15. UNIX is only a multiprogramming system
  16. Spiders search engines continuously send out that starts on a homepage of a server and pursue all links stepwise
  17. In an optical fiber, the inner core is less dense than the cladding
  18. ALPHA, RIOS, SPARC are examples of RISC Processors
  19. The programs and data kept in main memory while the processor is using them
  20. In HTML coding <LI> tag is used for denoting items in a list of type <UL>
  21. We can create a simple web page by using front page express
  22. In assembly language mnemonics are used to code operations, alphanumeric symbols are used for address, language lies between high-level language and machine language
  23. The number of input lines required for a 8 to 1 multiplexers is 8
  24. In HTML coding, <UL> (Unordered list)
  25. The internal programming language for a particular chip is called machine language
  26. A hexadigit can be represented by eight binary bits
  27. Token bus is the most popular LAN protocol for bus topology
  28. Semi-conductor is a substance which has resistivity in between conductors and insulators
  29. Speech recognition use thermal sensors along with infrared rays for identification
  30. Caramel is the latest platform of Intel Centrio microprocessor
  31. Memory is temporary and storage is permanent
  32. Popping or removing an element from an empty stack is called underflow
  33. The basic circuit of ECL supports the OR-NOR logic
  34. The system BIOS and ROM chips are called firmware
  35. Second generation computers moved from cryptic binary machine language to symbolic, or assembly languages which allowed programmers to specify instructions in words
  36. Private key is used to append a digital signature
  37. The programs written in assembly language are machine independent
  38. In synchronous TDM, for n signal sources, each frame contains at least n slots
  39. Data lines which provide path for moving data between system modules are known as data bus
  40. WAIS stands for – wide assumed information section
  41. Micro instructions are kept in control store
  42. In MS-Access, a table can have one primary key/keys
  43. Insulating material is the major factor that makes co axial cable less susceptible to noise than twisted pair cable
  44. Network that uses two OSI protocol layers as against three used in X.25 is a “frame relay”
  45. When destroying a list, we need a delete pointer to deallocate the memory
  46. Subnet usually comprises layers 1 & 2 of OSI model
  47. URL term identifies a specific computer on the web and the main page of the entire site
  48. A language used to describe the syntax rules is known as meta language
  49. Direct memory access is a technique for transferring data from main memory to a device without passing it through the CPU
  50. When bandwidth of medium exceeds the required bandwidth of signals to be transmitted we use frequency division multiplexing
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