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Hi, all the IT Officers aspirants, we have compiled another set of 50 questions on IT Engineering. IBPS IT officers notification is out so start your preparation.

  1. A data structure, in which an element is added and removed only from one end is known as stack
  2. Circuit switched network networks requires that all channels in a message transmission path be of the same speed
  3. OLTP architecture can handle a limited number of dimensions whereas OLAP architecture does not have any limit on the number of dimensions
  4. All high level language uses compiler and interpreter
  5. du command is used to show file system disk usage in UNIX
  6. By RAID technique, data is stored in several disk units by breaking them into smaller pieces and storing each piece in separate disk
  7. The standard defined for fiber optics is 802.8
  8. Datagram packet switching uses the entire capacity of a dedicated link
  9. In linked list, a node contains at least node number, data field.
  10. For optical fiber used in point to point transmission, the repeater spacing is 10-100 km
  11. Magnetic tape is not practical for applications where data must be quickly recalled because tape is a sequential because tape is a sequential access medium.
  12. A program that converts high level language to machine language is assembler
  13. Possible problems with java scrip can be security or limited graphics and multimedia capabilities
  14. The results of arithmetic and logical operations are stored in an accumulator
  15. Internet domains are classified by their functions. In that regard “.com” represents commercial
  16. The CPU has control unit, arithmetic-logic unit and primary storage
  17. Disk Mirroring: The data is written on two or more hard disks simultaneously over the same channel
  18. Alta Vista has been created by research facility of Digital Electronic corporation of USA
  19. BASIC can be used for scientific and commercial purpose
  20. Coaxial cables are good for digital transmission and long distance transmission
  21. The most popular network protocol whose routing capabilities provide maximum flexibility in an enterprise wide network is known as TCP/IP
  22. Latency is the average time that it takes for a sector to be a available after the heads
  23. The time taken to write a word in a memory is known as write name
  24. The term server refers to any device that offers a service to network users
  25. Half duplex data flows in both directions, but any one direction at the time
  26. Network layer of an ISO-OSI reference model is for networking support
  27. The ability to find an individual item in a file immediately direct access
  28. Simple, transparent, multi post are bridge types
  29. Query is used to answer a question about a database
  30. Universal building blocks of a computer system are NAND & NOR
  31. GUI is used as an interface between software and user
  32. Passing of the frame to next station can happen at a token ring station
  33. The UNIX operating system uses three files to do the task mentioned
  34. Multiplexing combines signals from different sources into one and sends on a faster channel
  35. Boot sector viruses are often transmitted by a floppy disk left in the floppy drive
  36. DBMS is a simple, fourth generation language used for data retrieval
  37. The terms opcode and operand are associated with any high level language
  38. The instruction LOAD A is a one address instruction
  39. CD ROM’s are single sided
  40. COPY command in MS-DOS is used to copy one or more files in disk drive to another, copy from one directory to another directory
  41. The primary storage unit is also referred to as internal storage
  42. Stack is a part of memory
  43. HTML code is always starts with <html> </html>
  44. All the formatting data for the paragraph is stored in the paragraph mark
  45. A compiler translates higher level programs into a machine language program, which is called object code
  46. In Excel, addressing modes that can be used in a formula is/are only absolute and relative
  47. Data: Facts coded and structured for subsequent processing, generally using a computer system
  48. In shell programming, tr command is used for character translation
  49. Message switcher chooses correct data path for an incoming message and forwards it to relevant line
  50. As long as the tables in a relational database share at least one common data attribute, the tables in a relational database can be normalized to provide useful information and reports

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