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Welcome friends, today we are starting a new series to help candidates of IBPS IT Officers. This series will contain one-liners of Computer Engineering or IT Engineering. These one liners will help you to solve MCQs of Computer Engineering or IT Engineering.

Why One-Liners? Because one liners have some unique characteristics. If you have less time and want to cover more topics, then one liners are really useful. There can be 4 to 5 different MCQ based on one single concept or one-liners. So read them with utmost care and download the pdf to your mobile phone to revise them on the go, like while you are travelling, during small time intervals like recess.

  1. A scripting language similar to HTML and which runs only on a browser is javascript
  2. UNIX is both time-sharing and multiprogramming system
  3. Intel 80286 belongs to third generation microprocessors
  4. Plotters are very useful in applications such as computer aided design
  5. Reset button is used to do cool booting
  6. Transmission media are usually categorized as guided or unguided
  7. PnP stands for plug and play
  8. GO TO statement is used in C, C++, basic language
  9. On an Ethernet LAN implementation with 10base5, the maximum number of segments can be five
  10. Floppy disk does not generate a hardware interrupt
  11. Abstraction is associated with object-oriented technology and database technology
  12. In a dedicated link, the only traffic is between the two connected devices
  13. Debugging is the process of finding errors in software code
  14. Telephone broadcast is the example of simplex transmission
  15. The user protection feature of an operating system is required in multi-user system only
  16. ALGOL is a high-level language
  17. Web-site is collection of web-pages and Homepage is the very first page that we see on opening of a web-site
  18. EPROM is permanent storage device
  19. The central host computer or file server in a star network maintains control with its connecting devices through polling
  20. A bridge recognizes addresses of layer 3
  21. The throughput is a measure of work for processor
  22. The first line/bar on the word window where the name of the document is displayed is called title bar
  23. In HTML coding, no shade attribute of HR tag suppresses the shading effect and fields a solid line
  24. The primary purpose of software is to turn data into information
  25. Hierarchy is not a component of relational database
  26. Data are raw facts and figures
  27. C++ does not check whether the index value is within scope
  28. Network components are connected to the same cable in the star topology
  29. In datagram packet switching, all the datagram’s of a message follow the same channel of a path
  30. A character that changes its value throughout the program is called variables
  31. Variables that are created during program execution are called dynamic variables
  32. In C++ programming, the extension of program is .cpp
  33. Most dangerous risk in leaking of information is ignorance about the existence of risk
  34. Redundancy is the concept of sending extra bits for use in error detection
  35. In UNIX command “Ctrl + Z” is used to suspend current process or command
  36. A recursive function executes more efficiently than its iterative counterpart
  37. In time- division circuit switching, delivery of data is delayed because data must be stored and retrieved from RAM
  38. The job of DBMS is to decrease redundancy
  39. The OSI model shows how the network functions of computer to be organized
  40. In Dos, primary name of a file can have a maximum of 10 characters
  41. The optical links between any two SONET devices are called a section
  42. BASIC language is normally used along with an interpreter
  43. The protocol for sharing hypertext information on the world wide web is HTTP
  44. MS-DOS has better file security system as compared to UNIX
  45. The three main types of computer programming languages are machine language, assembly language, high-level language
  46. In DOS, Deltree command is used to delete all the files as well as sub-directories of a directory
  47. Small scale integration(SSI) chip contains less than 12 gates
  48. AM and FM are examples of analog to analog modulation
  49. Database management systems are comprised of tables that made up of rows called records and columns called fields
  50. A switching mode power supply is used for converting raw input power to stabilized DC power.
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