Friday, November 13, 2015

Computer Awareness One-Liners(Basic) Part-2

Happy Diwali to all readers. We are pleased to present you second article on Computer Awareness Basic Series. Let me quickly remind you that this article series is intended to help you solve questions of a 'Basic Computer Literacy' subject. IBPS PO, clerk, and RRB examinations have computer awareness section and this will be extremely useful for all IBPS aspirants.

Computer Awareness One-Liners for IBPS

  1.  The quickest and easiest way in Word to locate a particular word or phrase in a document is to use the find command (Ctrl + F)
  2.  ICs(Integrated Chips) are made of silicon
  3.  COBOL is a high-level language like English
  4.  Platform in computer world means computer hardware and operating systems
  5.  Speed of clock of CPU is measured in megahertz
  6.  Mouse cannot be shared
  7.  Word is the word processor in MS Office
  8.  DBMS is not an operating system
  9.  Charles Babbage is called the father of modern computing
  10.  The Vacuum tubes are related to first generation computers
  11.  To indent the first paragraph of your report, you should use tab key
  12.  An error is known as bug
  13.  Joy Stick is an input device that cannot be used to work in MS Office
  14.  A simple protocol used for fetching an e-mail from a mailbox is POP 3
  15.  A blinking symbol on the screen that shows where the next character will appear is a cursor
  16.  10% & 500% are valid Min & Max zoom sizes in MS office (In some newer version max zoom is 400%)
  17.  The third generation of the computer was in 1965-1971
  18.  Altair, the world’s first personal computer, was introduced in the year 1979
  19.  One Gigabyte = 1024 megabytes
  20.  Linux is an open source operating system
  21.  Excel office assistant can be made to appear by using F1 key and help menu
  22.  UPS converts DC voltage into AC voltage
  23.  PARAM is an example of supercomputer
  24.  Backup of files is taken for security while doing some work on files so that in unfortunate event you can have the older version
  25.  UNIVAC is a computer belonging to the third generation
  26.  Edit menu is selected to cut, copy and paste
  27.  Cache memory is a part of main memory
  28.  A hard copy of a document is printed on the printer
  29.  Normal view and outline view notes pane appears in power point
  30.  C is a third generation high-level language
  31.  OCR means optical character recognition
  32.  Spam is the term for unsolicited e-mail
  33.  Resolution is the amount of detail that a monitor can render
  34.  International business machine(IBM) was the first company in the world to build computer for sale
  35.  Alignment buttons are available on formatting toolbar
  36.  In MS-Word WYSIWYG stands for what you see is where you get
  37.  The basic goal of computer process is to convert data into information
  38.  An operating system is necessary to work on a computer
  39.  In binary addition 1+1 = 1
  40.  The expanded form of FORTRAN is formula translation. (FORTRAN is a programming language)
  41.  LAN is used for networks setup within a building
  42.  In Late 1988 computer viruses land in India for the first time
  43.  Windows 95 and windows 98 and Windows NT are known as operating systems
  44.  Hardware and software are mandatory parts of complete PC system
  45.  A directory within a directory is called subdirectory
  46.  LAN refers to a small single site network
  47.  Abacus is said to be invented by Chinese
  48.  E-commerce allows companies to conduct business over the internet
  49.  Expanded form of IBM is International business machine
  50.  Two rollers are actually responsible for movement of the cursor in mouse (In older non-optical mouse)


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