Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A & An : Proper Usage of Articles.

Articles are of  Two types. They are

1. Indefinite articles ......... A/An
2. Definite articles ........... The 

What's the difference?

        If you want to say about ANY item, you should use the article A/An. If you want to say about a SPECIFIC item, you should use the article The.

Confused? Let's see in detail with an example.

Indefinite Article:

" A "

The indefinite article 'A'  is used before singular countable nouns that start with a consonant sound. [a,e,i,o,u are called vowels,others are consonants]

    1. Before words beginning with consonant sound. 
  •  A boy
  •  A child
  •  A student
  •  A book
    2. With a vowel giving the sound of a consonant.
  • A one eyed man
  • A European
  • A uniform
  • A university student
   3. In the sense of  one,
  • He couldn't speak a word to save himself.
      With 'one' (since begins with the sound of 'W')
  • A one-man show
  • A one rupee note
   4. With units and rate.
  • He earns rupees five hundred a month.
   5. In exclamatory expressions before singular countable nouns.
  • What a pretty girl!
   6. When two subjects or articles are thought of as a single unit.
  • He was ready with a cup and saucer.
   7. With certain expressions of quantity.
  • A lot of 
  • A dozen
  • A great deal of
  • A couple
   8. With a special meal (to celebrate something or in someone honour)
  • I called my friends to a lunch to celebrate my success.
   9.  To make a common noun of a proper noun.e.g.,
  • This man is 'second Newton'.
  • This phrase means 'a philosopher as great as Newton'.

" An "

 The indefinite article 'An' is used before singular countable nouns that start with a vowel sound.
 [a,e,i,o,u are called vowels,others are consonants].

     1. Before words beginning with a vowel sounds. e.g.,
  • An elephant
  • An apple
  • An ass
  • An umbrella
    2.  Before words beginning with a mute 'h' e.g.,
  • An hour
  • An honourable person
  • An heir
  • An honest man
   3.  With a consonant pronounced with the sound of a vowel. F,H,L,M,N,R,S,X are letters that are not vowels but begin with vowel sound 'M' has the sound of  'em'. So 'an' is used before abbreviations beginning with vowels of these letters.
  •  An LLB student
  •  An M.L.A.
  •  An x-ray
  •  An M.P.
          That's all for today friends, tomorrow we will discuss the article THE.
          Good Day


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